Some of the fish you
might try at Seniors


The haddock which you enjoy at Seniors are caught in the sustainably managed waters off Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Isles.
Our fish (Cod and Haddock) is frozen at sea so it’s always completely fresh when it’s served to you.

Haddock is a deep sea fish, and lives in the dark seas 40 to 133m down, which is a depth of up to 436’ and where the water can be as cold as just 2 degrees C.
This is where they also breed.

Unlike Cod, Haddock aren’t quite as much of a hunting fish, and they mostly eat small invertebrates like worms, although some of the big fish will sometimes eat small ones of different species.


At Seniors we cook Atlantic Cod which is caught in the cold waters off Norway and Iceland in the north Atlantic.

Atlantic Cod can live for 25 years, grow up to 2m long, and reach 96 kilos – which is the size of your 6’ tall, 14 stone dad!

The Cod is a hunting fish at the top of the food chain and they live on eels, small fish, crabs, lobsters, mussels, worms, mackerel and molluscs.
Cod is a lean type of protein which is good for you, and it contains lots of nutrients which will keep you fit and healthy.

The Vikings first started eating cod over 1200 years ago, and millions of people since then can’t be wrong!


Plaice is a flatfish with both eyes on the right side of its head! They look like normal fish when they hatch and as they grow one eye moves through its head to the other side, and they lose their swim bladder – which is what helps a normal fish to swim and float.

In the day they hide by burrowing into the sand, and then feed at night in shallower water. They eat crustaceans like shrimps and small crabs, and shellfish.

Seniors Plaice is caught by The Albion which is a Fleetwood trawler owned by Mr Mitchinson, and it operates under the Responsible Fishing Scheme – to make sure that there will be always fish at sea to catch and cook.

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